The Survey Corps are in charge of regaining the lost territory from the Titans. Since this branch is always traveling into enemy territory, it has the highest death rate in the military. Before the fall of the first wall, the Survey Corps conducted outside exploration experiments. Their logo, the Wings of Freedom, sybolizes the hope of mankind. Many civilians see them as a waste of tax money and space due to their low success rate and large amounts of casualties.



The Garrison Regiment is the largest branch of the military, consisting of about 30,000 soldiers. As their name would suggest, they are stationed on walls and in towns to keep peace or watch for titans. Before wall Maria fell, the regiment was lazy, unreilable, and undisciplined because of the one hundred years of peace. During a titan attack, they are in charge of evacuating and defending the citizens. They are led by Dot Pyxis, the highest ranking commander in the southern territory.



The Military Police were the most elite fighters while they were in training. This branch acts as the king's military servants and keep the peace within the walls. The MPs are known to be corrupted disliked by the other members of the military due to their abuse of power. Although they are intended to be the most skilled soldiers, they are the most unexperienced because they choose to stay away from the fighting. It's leader is Nile Dok, an old companion of Erwin Smith, the commander of the Survey Corps.